Grand plans

Rough idea of what I wanna do after As:

  1. Read – I’ll be frequenting the Library to satiate my book lust which has been suppressed for a bloody long time. I’ll FINALLY have all the time in the world to read.
  2. Watch movies – Rapunzel, The Social Network, Easy A, Harry Potter, Megamind, Gulliver’s Travel
  3. Watch TV shows online – Big Bang Theory, Lie To Me, Sex And The City, Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother
  4. Update my music library
  5. Get a temporary job – preferably a full-time one which pays well… Think I’ll be giving class tuition to primary school kids.
  6. Finish up my university applications – mainly for UCAS, since I haven’t written my personal statement lol.
  7. Run run run
  8. Shop for Prom – dress, shoes, makeup.
  9. Update my wardrobe
  10. Hang out with friends – gonna meet people to catch up.
  11. Intern at SPH – Meh, I probably won’t be able to get to this stage of the SPH scholarship selection process, but yeah really hope I can at least intern there!!
  12. Club
  13. TOPG outing – this had better happen haha.
  14. Swim swim swim
  15. Go prawning – always wanted to try this!!! Seems fun haha and best of all I can eat many many prawns afterward. ^^
  16. Buy a Panasonic Lumix TZ10 – once I get my paycheck lol.
  17. Get a haircut/trim – maybe a dye too?
  18. Play Maple – arrived at this decision last night LOL


Yeah most of them are solitary activities… me-time is good. And also because I’m a loner. Haha.

Okay my head feels super heavy and … muddy lol. I’m sick again. :| Feel like sleeping bleagh but I need to mug Econs.

Oh btw here’s a super cute picture:



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