mushroom coloured nails

Awesome day :)

Tuition sessions went well; D was falling asleep, hahaha but still very well-behaved and smart, and his mum extended the duration to 2 hours, which means more $$. :P And his dogs were super cute to me again. I will take a photo of them next time!! Met D‘s dad and he was v friendly. :)

M was okay as usual, tuition sessions with her remind me of my love for Chemistry. And I realised that the people in her neighbourhood are super friendly.. Her neighbours saw me through the metal grills of her gate and said hello enthusiastically, and then later construction workers in the area were greeting and chatting with the residents amiably. M‘s mum and dad were damn smiley and happy and welcoming too! *sigh* I don’t even know how my neighbours look like.

Also I managed to find a replacement end for my industrial piercing barbell!!!! YIPEE!!! Lost it yesterday and panicked like crazy so this is a huge relief for me.

My holidays are starting to get busy, and I really like it that way. Gotta remember to finish reading my library books with all these going on. Oh yeah I painted my nails a new colour and Qianwen says it’s like the colour of mushrooms haha. Me likey~

Running tomorrow. Wooopwoop~

(I WENT SHOPPING AGAIN BTW. KILL ME PLZ. ): Haha but I love the stuff I bought. Very practical and pretty stuff. :P)


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