My voice is truly damn sexy now, after the cough gave it a makeover HEHE I sound damn funny, especially when I laugh!!! It’s like, low-pitched yet high and airy at random points LOL. Hope it goes away by Sunday!

And one of the kids at the childcare centre is super duper cute, hahaha. He’s so pint-sized! And he said that I was pretty, that KH’s handsome (LOL), and that Melissa looks like a guy (AHAHAHAHAHAH). I love him. He’s my 2nd fav kid in the class LOL. My fav kid being a damn cute and polite and obedient boy with expressive eyebrows and WTFCHUBBY!!! cheeks. *~^3^~* awww so cuuuuuute.

I like kids who look cute and are polite, friendly, and intelligent. Helps too if they’re mischievous yet not disrespectful. ^_^

Ok bye! Dimsum was gooood, YUM.


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