I spent 1.5 hours waiting for a bus in the town area. I only managed to get on a bus at 11.15pm. And after I’d found a tiny square area on the bus floor to place my poor tired feet a very obese woman forced herself into this silver of space behind me, I think she didn’t realise that every inch of her back and legs and buttocks were in contact with mine.

But guess what something ultra awesome happened during that frustrating 1.5 hours: I finally met my Adonis. My Mr. Right. The Man Of My Dreams.So my Mr. Perfect actually exists, lemme hear some cheers please! Hahaha. When I saw him it’s like he was glowing and everything was in slow motion and I could hear angels singing BWAHAHAHA OK I kid, but seriously I’d never seen such a Perfect guy before. Perfect face (most handsome face I’d ever seen, SERIOUSLY), Perfect hair (unstyled, but with great cut and in dark caramel brown), Perfect body (at least 1.8m tall, great physique, not too buff, not too tan, nice posture), Perfect dressing (casual smart, fitted bermudas with a cool print tee, nice shoes, and a bag that didn’t look gay). And he had on earphones too which means he also enjoys music which means we are Perfect for each other. HAHAHA.

And he talked to me. It was just a, “Would you like to go up the bus first” complete with a breathtaking smile but it’s still counted right!? The bus was fricking crowded! Which also means that he is gentlemanly and polite.

HAHAHA oh gosh I am so superficial but he does look very Perfect and I almost swooned when he spoke to me. I am jaded no more, finally there is proof that my Adonis exists. If Fate permits I shall meet Adonis again… meanwhile I shall frequent the town area a lot more maybe I will give Fate a little nudge HAHAHAHA

Sorry, this is a ridiculous entry. :)


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