It’s been so long,

(Those moments long gone,)


Bottle of beer in hand, trying to balance on one foot on the road curb, laughing and letting the wind gently carry our identities away–

There are no busy pedestrians, the road is preciously empty, we glance at each other, share a knowing smile, and for this short moment the streets are ours–

Peering into the darkness that is the forest, sharing a pair of earphones, your fingertips cheekily graze mine, so I grin and remove my side of the earphones, and I run–

You catch up, but we continue running anyway, this time with fingers intertwined, our footsteps deafening on the lonesome streets–

Laughing, taking intermittent gulps from the bottle, your hands loosely around my waist, as the first drops of light rain touch our skins–

We run, conscious of the drizzle thickening into a thunderstorm, letting slip several rude words while our clothes get soaked–

Ah shelter, yes, we laugh in relief and inexplicable happiness, finishing the beer, the streets are no longer silent due to thunder and pitter patter–

But there is still a peacefulness which exclusively belongs to us–

“Will this last?”–

Shrugging, tightening your grip of my hand, you manage a slow, “I hope so”–

We don’t talk anymore.

I miss those fleeting moments. You have no idea how much I commit to memory, the way the corners of your eyes wrinkled when you smiled, the way we could look at each other without saying a word and smiling after, the times you playfully pretend to want to hold my hand and then grabbing my hand anyway after I ignore you.

I guess even the most comfortable and stable of friendships can die out abruptly. But I’m glad that I never once took you for granted. I appreciate the memories.


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