I cleaned out my closet today and filled up 4 big bags with clothes (2 of which I’m going to donate to a charity org) — I’ve been such a mega pack rat!!! Some of the clothes (the white ones mostly) have even yellowed because I stuffed them at the back and forgot that they existed, so I never wore them out ): Have to throw them away! Sigh some were quite nice pieces. But my closet is A LOT emptier now and I’ve reorganised everything inside. Hehehe. I just need to pop over to Daiso soon to get mini shelves/drawers for more organisation. :) This is making me stupidly happy muahahahaha even though tomorrow I have to start work as a legal transcriptionist and also take my Basic Theory Evaluation for driving~ ~


Yeah and I’ve found some peace within, I think. I realise that an education in Singapore really isn’t bad at all if I choose my course well. The world doesn’t end simply because I can’t get a scholarship to go overseas! I’ve been mentally prepping myself, accepting the reality that I will most probably be going to NUS/NTU… Doesn’t seem as horrid a situation as I had once perceived it to be! Haha. :) If I really crave an overseas education I can always go to graduate school in the US next time. :)

(Ok I sound like I’m trying to console myself haha but to be perfectly honest it isn’t a big deal to me anymore… It still tugs a little at my heartstrings but I’ve grown to accept it and properly look at the merits. Ah~ This is like such a *ZEN* kind of happiness haha I’m so glad and satisfied with myself. :) )

(But of course if my A Level results turn out to be completely shitty I may brood about this all over again…..)

Also I opened a savings account today! Finally! :) It’s my first real bank account, haha. I have another account which my parents opened for me when I was young, and they’ve been depositing money into that account regularly, but it’s not actually my money… The savings account that I opened today will contain all my hard-earned moolah! ^^ And it can prevent me from splurging, wahahaha!!

Right ok I should sleep now, it’s nearing 12am and I have to wake up at 6am tomorrow





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