(Okay so I deleted the previous post I puked out during work because it reminded me of an emotional state of mine which I’d rather forget. I shall rewrite this post.)

While waitressing at the bar I saw many different types of people.

There were the Social Escorts – I saw both female and male ones – who were definitely not shy about their profession. I am embarrassed to say that I was temporarily engaged as the interpreter/translator for the female escorts since their client was a Latino man who didn’t understand Mandarin.

There was the rich Cougar who unabashedly told me, “Those two are my boy toys!” while gesturing to two handsome young men sitting with her.

There was the spoiled, rich taitai who smoked ten cigarettes and had three whiskeys within two hours. She is another Cougar who pays more than $1000 for a gigolo to accompany her for a day of shopping (and she of course pays more if she wants to sleep with him). Being a gigolo is incredibly lucrative.

There was the cigar-smoking, hot girl-toting, good-looking playboy who didn’t think anything of touching my hands incessantly when I passed him the bill right in front of his pissed off girlfriend.

There was the charismatic Japanese bad boy who had a large group of similarly flirty friends in tow. He asked me seriously if I would like to join him for a drink, but oh only if you’re of age – I’ve gotten so used to people mistaking me for a 20-something that I was surprised at him thinking I may not yet be 18.

There was the loving Spanish couple who had a two-hour long conversation about which alcoholic drinks are “excellent for sex”. I felt so uncomfortable hearing snippets of their horny banter that I avoided their table for the whole night.

There were the 50-something Caucasian female lawyers who ordered several rounds of Extra Dirty Martini.

There was the humorous Caucasian man who confessed to me he had never had a single alcoholic drink before but his new girlfriend doesn’t know and he would like to impress her, “And so which is the most fucking manly drink in this menu?” (He was just kidding la, haha.)

And of course there were the Ohmygod Filthy Rich who dished out tips in 50 dollar notes even though there was already 7% GST and the bar’s 10% Service Charge.

(I miss my colleagues.)


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