Change is good.

Alright so I’m back blogging even though I just said yesterday that I wanna delete this blog. Lol. Think I’ll change the layout, though. This layout has big font, which makes me feel weird.

I Am Number 4” was an entertaining movie. Awesome effects, loved the characters (although I kept finding inconsistencies in the plot/set and unrealistic areas). Plot was unique. I like sci-fi stuff! Hehe, plus the guy was quite hot. Ok the girls were quite pretty/hot and cool too.

I’ve concluded that the rashes on my legs is eczema. ): ): (WAIT DID I ALREADY SAY THIS IN PREV POST???? K NVM.) And it’s not healing. At all. My legs are ugly enough, why do I have rashes now… ): I can’t even wear skirts or shorts….. Must wear jeans / leggings every single day. FML!!

And I deactivated my FB. I think FB always makes me feel [negative emotion], like, the more I surf FB to stalk people, the more sadness / anger / envy / guilt / hurt / sian I feel. So I should take a break. Prevent myself from exhibiting obsessive and stalkerish behaviour.

I need to get to know new people.


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