Just changed my nail colour… to one that’s iridescent blue :) the previous red colour got super chipped haha and I left it like that, in the ugly crazy chipped form for more than a week lol.

Anyway, I might be going to USA after all for University.. It hasn’t really hit me yet, I think the whole idea still seems quite far away. Also I will be leaving Singapore with a heavy heart, if I do decide to study there. But then again if I stay in Singapore and pursue Law or Biz it’ll be with a heavy heart too. Albeit for different reasons.

=/ Don’t like having to make choices like this. You may say that I shouldn’t be complaining because many other people don’t even have this many options, but… headache leh. Crazy conflicted. I know I will enjoy studying Journalism in the US but when I get my degree my career prospects will be pretty shit. Whereas if I study Law in Singapore (assuming I can get in) my career opportunities will be very secure, yes, but I think I’ll dislike Law or not be able to cope…… AIYA!! So annoying.

Oh but if Northwestern Uni accepts me I’ll definitely pick USA over local Law. :D that’s IF IF they accept me & offer me substantial financial aid.

Alrighty time to get to my scholarship essay.



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