If you know what happened to me yesterday you’ll know that I am now broke. BROKE. For real. My personal savings are now $0 and my wallet only contains coins. Yeah, coins. About $1 in total, without any dollar notes. I feel fucking miserable like this, it’s like, such a huge sum of money just flew away. Fuck my life. Praying hard that next week my colleagues will be nice enough to fully/partially sponsor my lunches, haha… Or at least choose super budget places to eat at. Sighhh.

Also, yesterday I received notification that Northwestern has accepted me. They’re mailing the admissions package over now… but I can’t accept their offer anyway because their fees are so crazyshit high. -_- Total expenses will be at least USD 50k per year, and since I’ll be in the Journalism school, I think it can shoot up to USD 80k. WTF MAN. I totally can’t afford that.

Now I’m v worried about not getting into NUS/SMU Law. If I don’t make the cut for Law, I’ll have to choose from my remaining options: Econs / Biz / Mass Comm or Journalism, none of which I really feel like taking in Singapore. ZZZzzzzz why didn’t Northwestern just offer me financial aid, then I’ll be on my way to the USA!! Doing what I love!!!! At the best Journ school in the world!! Having an insanely good time!!!


Oh and my BBDC account is running out of money, I need to top up soon.

Gah. So many money problems. Screw this shit. I feel veh angsty now. Ok I shall go running later at night.


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