What doesn’t destroy me makes me stronger

Today’s SMU Law interview was ~okay~ but I screwed up my essay. I think the shittiness of the essay itself is enough to kill my chances. =S Details of the interview on my formspring.

Anyway, after the interview, me and the RJ girl (Nic) forgot to take off our huge name stickers which we stuck on our shirts for the interview hahaha. We were totally oblivious to it, we even walked a distance to the bus stop and stoned there before Nic’s senior told her, “HAHA NOW THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS YOUR NAMES LAH.”

I was looking through my potential job matches (I subscribed to JobsDB / JobsCentral, etc websites when I was looking for a job earlier), and there were the usual posts like, “Admin Assistant, students welcome” / “Web Designer”, etc. And then I saw this:

“Pancake maker (experienced), very attractive pay, fulfilling job”

LOLOL WUT. So much irony in that job posting hahahahaha.

Okay anyw check this out:

Everyone on the bus (9, including me) sat on the left side of the bus!! This is so awesome!! I mean, they didn’t move from the right side because of the sun’s glare / faulty aircon or anything, they came up the bus and immed went to the left side.

Wahahaha. I like. Feels very orderly. :) Heng nobody decided to be a rebel and sit on the right side if not I will feel damn uncomfortable / disturbed. ~_~

Ok bye! Off to see my new tutee :) Gonna teach her Sec4, E and A Math. IDK IF I AM UP TO IT lol my math in Sec4 was so suck. :( Ok but maybe I have improved / I was lazy then… Hope all goes well!


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