very very very difficult

I cancelled all my dates / appointments today and spent the whole day at home. Feels good to take a break. :) Finally caught up with Gossip Girl (thanks Sheila!) after like, what, more than half a year? Eh I still can’t stand Vanessa, she’s damn annoying… Glad that Jenny’s not around for now (I just started Season 4) because she’s annoying too. Haha and I think Rufus is v handsome and quite hot for his age, am I the only who thinks so? Lol.

NUS essay test tomorrow! Quite bochap about it ’cause the more I think about it the more my interview seems to have killed my chances. Hmmm but hope the written test goes well lor. Also hope I can catch up with some people there~ But I have a feeling I will just turn up for the test and leave immediately lol.


Could you do that for me please,


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