i felt like a bimbo today leh

Today has been quite a good day, relative to the previous few days which were pretty shitty. :) I arrived at work on time, I was super efficient at work today and I finished a lot of stuff which is greaaaat, I met Eugene to pass him his tshirts, I met Issac for dinner at Astons (my first time eating there whooo), and it was a good hair day. No, scratch that. It was an AWESOME hair day! :)

Feels good to be able to catch up with friends. We may not be in frequent contact anymore but it’s nice to find out what’s happening in their lives once in a while, I still care for many people even though we may have drifted apart.

K anyway, a break away from the ~contemplative~ mood. I just had a rather heavy dinner at 7PM and now (it’s 10:30PM) I’M DAMN SUPER HUNGRY! WTH! MY STOMACH GOT PROBLEM! 3 hour then digest completely liao?! My stomach is growling now la I’m hungry as fuck. -_- Screw this, it’s damn lame. gonna search for stuff to eat arghhhh. HUNGRY.


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