JGS is in Singapore right now (6PM), and I’m like squealing in my head in excitement. ~^^~ Feels nice to know that he is on our sunny island~ But I gotta rush out for tuition soon so I can’t go stalk him HAHA.

Anyway, just went for a 2-hour swim and I’ve miraculously gotten a (very) slight tan! If you know me well you’ll know that it’s almost impossible for me to tan. Like, during OBS when everyone got majorly sunburnt (and tanned) after the long kayak session I was still as pale as ever, lol. Not even the slightest sunburn or tan… Even though I didn’t even apply any sunblock and I wasn’t wearing a long-sleeved shirt. -_-||

Yeah okay whatever hahahah maybe if I go swimming more often I’ll eventually become tan! Woohoo! Plus maybe I’ll get to see the cute lifeguard again HAHA. Anyway, new nail colour:

It doesn’t look very pinkish in the picture but in real life it’s like, sweet, Barbie-ish baby pink. -_-|| Didn’t intend it to be this colour but nvm hahaha. Pretty cute still.

Oh and I went to get cheap new flats from Bata!! Hahahah they actually look pretty decent, totally can’t tell it’s from Bata. I hope they’re abuse-able. Now I’ve got to break them in, siannnnn. My poor feet. Oh anyw they’re the replacement for the TWO PAIRS OF FLATS that I lost last week to the shoe thief lol.

Hehe excited for the Bangkok trip, can’t wait to properly plan the itinerary (WTF I USED SPELL-CHECK AND REALISED IT’S SPELLED LIKE THAT?!!?! I ALWAYS THOUGHT IT’S “ITENARY” -_-|| my spelling is shit).

Yes and in further frivolous news, I’m getting a Blackberry soon, maybe end of this month. And also buying my own camera (LX5!!) maybe mid-May. April is coming to end which means that I will get my pay soon. O JOY!!!!

By the way the video for “Top Of The World” by The Cataracs is WHOO DAMN HOT!! Go watch please (click here – opens in new window)!! The girls are like fucking hot omg I also feel very happy watching them HAHAHA plus DEV looks good. And The Cataracs look damn hot in the cop uniforms *melts*. LOL OK I MUST STOP THIS. Mmmm. I love the song too anyway~ puts me in a clubbing mood. whoOooOO~ ~

Kay shall go for tuition hahahaha bye!!


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