Hmm. :/ Seems like the hugest problems in my life always involve relationships – family / friends / guys – and money. Even when I was a student (well soon to be one again), studies never seemed to trouble me much even though I had subjects which I sucked at. It’s always RELATIONSHIPS and MONEY, why am I so terrible at managing those two areas of my life. :/ Right now I’m feeling especially down because I just did a calculation of my expected expenses from May till July, and I really need to scrimp and STOP BEING SUCH A BLOODY SPENDTHRIFT. Yeah. Money money money. Swearing off expensive meals and concerts and clubbing and shopping (okay nah capping at $100 for the 3 months actually) temporarily.

Also still seriously considering if I should get my camera this year or not. :/

Yeah okay in happier news, I dyed my hair again. No more ugly black roots! Yep. And the current colour is slightly darker than before but still pretty similar. Happy. Am (very impatiently) waiting for the shorter layers to grow out! The hairdresser last month cut my top layers until damn short man -___- it’s like, my shortest layer ends at my chin (actually not even till my chin la they’re even shorter) while my longest layer is 2 inches below my armpit. -___- Leona said I look like I have extensions on. ): Gahh stupid hair. Shall not layer my hair so much next time.


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