These things tend to burn with time.

Source Code is a very good movie – I love how the plot is based on the idea of parallel universes and alternate realities (kinda like Inception which also plays on the concept of altered consciousness). Jake Gyllenhaal was awesome in it, as usual. Also he’s so dreamy and hotttttt. Haha. My only gripe about the movie is that it’s too damn short!! I thought more character development (of Colter Stevens and Goodwin) would have made it near perfect.

Anyway, visited the flea market at the SG Flyer today and got another haul but this time the stuff were more expensive and I also bought fewer stuff than I did yesterday.

And today I tried the Essential shampoo samples that some girls were giving out in town. My hair feels so soft~ ~ Love it~ ~ Will definitely go get Essential products once my current shampoo and conditioner runs out.


dress, dress me down
i don’t mind
leave me to my insides
i don’t need this lonely skin

Sigh. This is difficult.


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