Today’s driving instructor

I’m taking driving lessons at BBDC, so I get a different instructor every lesson. Today’s instructor was hyper-talkative and damn slack, haha, he kept laughing at me when my car mounted the curb a lot of times when maneuvering around the super narrow crank (?) / S-roads (it’s damn difficult by the way!!!).

Anyway, from today’s drive, here’s what I found out about him:

  • He has been a driving instructor for 18 years
  • He used to be a cab driver earning 3k per month
  • Now his salary is less than 3k
  • He jogs every day
  • He used to weight-lift as a hobby but stopped 4 years ago because there was a problem with a nerve in his left arm and now his ring finger is numb
  • He is taking guitar lessons now (classical guitar) and is learning chinese / dialect songs, hahaha, the only english song he knows on the guitar is Hotel California
  • He is 51 years old
  • He has no children
  • He will be retiring in 4 years
  • He married late, when he was 40
  • He finds music notes (as in the “towgays”) very hard to read lol
  • He is scared of going for surgery for his numb ring finger

Also, he let me practise starting up the engine / etc stuff, and I drove to further places like Jurong East, Toh Tuck, etc. I EVEN DROVE HOME LOL in the L-plate car. (And then he drove the car back to BBDC lah haha.)

I want to learn parking and U-turn soon ): why they structure the lessons like that arghhhh. I’m a noob driver. ):


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