• i have  gigantic blood clots under my big toes and idk what caused them. ew. they remind me of the time i had to remove my toenails after the trekking expedition because they had first turned blue and then black, i cringed the whole time and my big toes were nail-less for a few months and were very sore and tender.
  • i need to go for a blood test OMG giant needle inserted into a vein at my elbow = UNPLEASANT.
  • today’s driving instructor told me my assessment of road conditions is downright sucky, i.e. i’m a dangerous and careless driver. argh ): and i also narrowly avoided a few accidents today ):
  • GIANT INSECURITIES. MAJOR BODY ISSUES. need to exercise once i quit my job. somebody dissuade me from ________.
  • i suspect my eye degree recently went up!!!!!!! how is this possible!!!!! my degree is already like crazily high!!!!
  • missing parcel from ASOS. grrrr.
  • my body clock has readjusted, these days i feel sleepy by 10pm, WTF!! this is damn bad lah this means that i have to be a morning person. WTF.
  • i have no money to go for Neon Trees’ concert. mega sad ttm.
    Also, the needle not so big la. Just don’t look. haha.
    And ALSOOOO now I have to wear pants everyday like you that time because something bit me at camp and it has spread and looks damn grossssss like infection like that it’s horribleeee )))))))))):

    • no money la i’m rly cash strapped!!!! also, saving up for my future europe backpacking trip okay? haha so you’re gonna be decked in leggings?? :) :) :)

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