don’t give me a mirage

you are standing, in the middle of the desert
you have no water no food no shoes
no compass no map no watch
your shirt is dry to the point of scratching your skin
your hair is a sweaty sandy matted mess
you are alone

the sun burns your face and the sand burns your feet
the wind stings and brings sand into your eyes

it is too hot and
you cannot see very far into the distance and
you cannot yell for help because your throat is parched and
your knees are starting to give way and
your soles are cracked and bleeding

would you:

A) continue walking and maybe even run a little for as long as it takes until you find something or someone
B) stop walking and stay there until someone finds you
C) walk slowly to the top of a sand dune, lie on your back, spread-eagle, close your eyes from the harsh sun and from the world, forget everything and do nothing else


i would pick C).


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