I guess I’m obliged to blog a little about the camps now that Arts camp is over. In retrospect Arts camp 2011: 2 Nights in Paris was pretty fun, although I was feeling quite dead (due to lack of sleep) during most of the activities haha so I grumbled a lot. Most of the workshops were pretty cool; I tried quite a lot of new things which I would otherwise not have had the chance to do so… There was Latin dance (which I failed spectacularly at.. hahahaha), hip hop, theatre/drama, cheerleading, Samba Masala (Brazilian percussion — I’m considering joining the CCA), etc.

We also got to see the awesome studios of the SMU Campus Radio + TV (the equipment and everything were cool man). Oh yea and the camp food was not bad! Hmmm. What else… We had HTHTs till super late (slept at 7am!)… The camp had a consistent theme and I liked all the performances that were put up… Also, my OG was pretty awesome hahahaha.

Moving on: FTB camp at OBS. I didn’t like the dumb orientation / icebreaker games that we had to play haha but I concede that they’re effective at fostering bonds between people. Tunnelling was unexpectedly fun :) :) It gave me a big sexy bruise on my knee lol. Rafting was fun too, really hoped it could have taken much longer! The most memorably disgusting thing about FTB was probably the discovery of the squashed lizard (probably dead for 3 days already) under one of our tents lol. Major WTF + super crazy stench. Oh yeah and the food at FTB was horrible hahah.

Law camp 2011: Heist was damn ~chill~. The activities were ~chill~ and my OG and facis were ~chill~ and everyone else was ~chill~ as well. The “moot” was stressful!! And a major mindfuck. Hahaha. Should have listened to Jared. -_-” Fright Night was well done but, feel like, it could have been much scarier. I mean, I was damn freaked out hahaha but it was mostly because I kept expecting damn scary things to happen (but they never did). Still, I applaud the effort that they put in to make Fright Night so awesome hahaha.

On the 2nd night of Law camp there was a little drinking. I didn’t drink much at all (still v sober after two hours of drinking game haha wth) and there wasn’t enough liquor but it was crazy hilarious to see those who were high do stupid things. Especially CH who unleashed a totally different side of himself LOL. CH you’re damn repressed la!!

I enjoyed all 3 camps (FTB, Law, Arts)! It’s hard to pinpoint a favourite. My OGs for the camps were quite different from each other but I liked them all :) Like I said in the earlier post, I guess I was  really lucky to get nice OGs and facilitators for all my camps. I made quite a few great friends :) this is a somewhat good start to university lah, I must say.

Ok I’m still waiting for photos to be uploaded on Facebook (everyone’s v slow… my FTB faci hasn’t even uploaded her photos haha and it’s been, what, almost 10 days? hahaha)~ Will choose my favourite ones and put them up on this blog hehe.


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