Every day like Slumdog Millionaire

Wanted to blog something substantial… was thinking of writing a serious post about romantic relationships and soulmates, but — nyeh, I still have some copywriting to do and some Friends to watch. Another time! :) For now just make do with the obligatory Vday post ok hehehe.

So this was the first time I had a valentine on Vday. I iz veh happy… :3

J and I ‘celebrated’ the ‘occasion’ early on 13 Feb instead because we would both be busy on the 14th (turns out I fell sick GRRR so I was a very free and bored person on Valentine’s day but couldn’t make plans). Went for dinner at PS Cafe, camwhored a little (but not enough), took a stroll, and attempted conversation with the cute Dempsey parrots, hahahaha. Headed off to J‘s, changed into lazy clothes, read about fascinating psychology experiments (go check out the Stanford Prison Experiment and The Third Wave!!), plopped into bed to watch a movie (August Rush — such an inspiring and feel-good movie!), lazed around while J studied, went home.

Basically a great day. :) We should do this more often, shouldn’t we.


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