Ok so hey guys I’m sick again, big woopz, skipped work again and may probably have to be absent tomorrow as well. FML I hate looking like a lazy ass who deliberately misses work!! It’s only been 3 weeks into this internship and I’ve been sick twice (thrice tomorrow) and late once. Not funneh. I wonder if my coworkers see me as the socially inept weird chick who skips lunches and work days. Oops.

So yeah, my left eye’s a gross mess now because my monthly contact lenses are 3 weeks expired (long story) and I refused to wear my fugly glasses so yessss I kinda brought this upon myself. Also considering the many unnecessarily late nights and long hours glued to the computer, guess I can’t complain much. But my eye is so fucking fat now (read: swollen) and it hurts like a bitch! Gah! Hope it heals by tomorrow because this is making me miserable and fidgety. I wanna go to work because my salary is pro-rated. ):

Plus my previous salary cheque was returned WTF WTF because someone in the office forgot to sign it for me WTF WTF yes I’m such a goon too, I totally didn’t notice the absence of a signature okay!!! Talk about being mega careless…

Looking forward to the end of this internship + J‘s summer break! Yay! Need to get a proper paying job after this internship, so that I can save up (hopefully for a short holiday trip). Also need to find a lazier job because I want to have time to EXERCISE. Oh god I epitomise skinny-fat so much it’s embarrassing. Need to swim + run, pronto.

And get a haircut – I’ve been saying this for so damn long lol but I’m really going to do it soon!!!!

Yea ok bye need to rest my fat pudgy eye now. Hope it slims down by tomorrow. Good night.


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