“Work Out”


That’s it.

There’s really something wrong with me. (Yes, took me long enough lol)

I have such weird schizo episodes… Can’t wrap my head around them. Also I think public transport transforms me into a very angry little person. Lol. So, so grouchy and rude. Crowds really have an effect on me, huh.

Anyway, wrote a short article on postnatal care and the confinement period, and… I still don’t get the ‘appeal’ of childbirth. Ugh! How could all the mothers of the world justify having a Mini Me growing inside of them, basically being a parasite of sorts, then having to push it out, all 3kg or more of bloody mass, or slice their midsections open (then sew it back) to bring it into the world?!? The idea of childbirth is just… offputting to me. Omfg. Look, I get all the stuff about the Beauty of Life, and sharing genetic information within a kid with your partner, etc etc, but the act of delivering a child is just so …. [indescribable]. Gah! And while researching on postnatal care, I stumbled upon the info that during pregnancy some women’s joints will loosen to prepare for birth. And of course all the stuff about epidurals (don’t Google it!!!) and tearing.. *major shivers*

Thinking about childbirth always makes me respect and admire mothers more every time. *Shudder*


K anyway I got new skirts from F21… LOVE THEM MAX WOOHOO. Will wear them out soon. Hehehe.

Can’t wait for tomorrow! Actually it’s just a regular day haha but I get to see someone and that’s always nice ^^..

Oh yea and I got this cough out of nowhere, wtf. And it’s getting worse exponentially I don’t even know HOW.

Yea ok bye.

(Btw I kinda hate the way I blog these days. Does it bother you too? Super frivolous stuff and fragmented rubbish thoughts?)

(omg WordPress changed its layout for writing new posts! I don’t like this!!! I have deep-seating issues wrt change!! Oh WordPress why do you torture me so…)


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