Hello, friend.

Just got home from meeting E, a real friendly and fun guy from Spain. I must say, this CouchSurfing meeting was much more pleasant than I had expected… :) We clicked well even though we were at such different stages of our lives and are from such different countries. Super awesome! :) This is the first time I’ve been totally myself (well, almost… the language barrier was quite tricky and made it somewhat awkward) in front of a stranger — it’s like finding a kindred spirit. Hmmm. Though I won’t go so far as to say we are kindred spirits, it will still nice to talk to E for hours. Interesting guy! Love your piercing, and yes please go ahead and get the right side stretched! And of course, it helps that he is pretty cute too, hahaha!! E, if you are reading this (though I doubt you will find my blog), thanks for the nice chat, and I hope you have fun in Singapore. Stay happy and healthy, and all the best with your work in Indo! I’ll be sure to contact you when I intend to go to Bali or Madrid; who knows, we might meet again soon. Till then, let’s write each other. Good luck in all your future endeavours. :)

P.S.: Detox and abstain from partying, hahaha.


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