Somehow, all that has been happening has been making me very jittery and I DON’T KNOW WHY. I don’t know what EXACTLY is making me feel so uneasy and uncomfortable, but something is kinda on the brink of thrusting me into another panic attack. What the hell is it?! Is it my Vietnam trip? Is it university? Is it my internship? Is it my friendships? Is it something else?!??! Oh my god. Even thinking about this is thoroughly unsettling and it’s insanely mindfucking. WHAT ON EARTH AM I SO DISTURBED ABOUT?

Ok maybe it’s the fact that I’m imagining my initial uneasiness and all this paranoia about the cause of this imagined uneasiness is making me uneasy — or is it?! Ok wtf mindfuck to the max, I have such a bad feeling about this omg wtf man, I could prolly do with some meds now. Sheeeeeeeeessshhhhhhhhhhh!!!!


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