mmm same mustard skirt but now with a plain black tank lol my hall wardrobe is limited for obvious reasons sigh

3 for $2 from Canteen B this pic is making me hungry at 2am

new nails argh THIS IS NOT THE ACTUAL COLOUR IRL! it’s not so orange-y i have no idea why it shows up like this on my phone cam. grrr. colour irl is much more pink and barbie-ish hahaha.

ok now for right hand. and yep thats my big bang poster at the back ehehehehehee look at the handsome T.O.P. *fangirl mode*

$2.80 supper aft dance yeahhhhhhh


tonight marks the start of the first weekend i am staying in hallstrangely it doesn’t feel very unnatural
feel like, i’ve gotten used to a kind of independency
or loneliness, some might call it
either way i don’t feel that homesick
so i can focus fully on studying for the shitload of tests and stuff
all of which are happening next week

Cat Power is helping me tide through this scary week
because there is simply too much
to do and too little


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