Cold Turkey Works

Week 8’s been a jolly good week!! for the following reasons:

  1. Done with Ethics essay!
  2. Done with Ethics quiz 3!
  3. Done with group video presentation!
  4. Got back French midterms results and I did well!
  5. Realised that I did well for Psych midterms after all!
  6. Had a verrryyy orgasmic grilled fish meal at Can 16!
  7. Had my favourite chicken chop from Can 2! (see pic)
  8. It’s the last week the squatter will be here!
  9. Signed up for SF camp main comm!
  10. Discovered the perfect study music playlist on Youtube!
  11. What2WearWednesdays: checkered theme! (see pic)
  12. Didn’t splurge on anything!
  13. Tumblr-ed a lot!
  14. Settled school and hostel fees!
  15. Bought Pringles from 7-11!
  16. New Psych lecturer is good!
  17. Zen!!!


#6: It’s damn good I swear arghhh the brown sauce is the bombdiggity and the chicken is sooo goooood like it’s slightly and deliciously charred gosh I am fantasizing about it now *_*

#11: W2WW — the previous theme was Floral and this Wed it was checks. :) I like having themed days because it forces me to wear something else other than a tired tshirt and shorts hahaha.

Well next week’s gonna be heck of a crazy week too so here’s hoping everything goes well!! I need to catch up with tutorials, complete another essay, present another speech, prepare for another quiz, and prepare for a dance event on Saturday (omg super nervous). As usual my skin is wreaking havoc but oh wellllll skin shall be of low priority for now hmmmm sucks but I can’t help it.

OH YEA I FINALLY HAVE INSTAGRAM PLEASE FOLLOW ME IF YOU HAVE IT TOO!!!! I’m @fivefatfleas as usual!!! Hahahaha I’m like an instagram loser because I have v few followers so far and I keep liking others’ photos and I don’t filter my photos much hehhehe ok but I promise to filter more and take more photos ok!!! FOLLOW ME!!!

Ok bye listen to this before you go:

I want to see Grimes live omgggggg watched so many of her live performances on Youtube and was imagining myself there wheeee good music + good food are enough to make me happy :D


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