Things I Suck At

procrastination, on the other hand, comes easy to me.

gaining weight
just not physically possible for me.

my default position is as one of the zombies shuffling around doing nothing during a game of captain’s ball.

not very good at putting on my poker face. also am bad at improvising.

giving compliments
not always, but most of the time — see above re: lying.

controlling my temper
thought i’d become better at this but judging from recent events, apparently not.

controlling my stutter
occasionally stammer when i get excited or nervous, but it’s NBD, right? right? right.

if you’ve ever received any baked goods (‘bad’s, more like) from me, know that i did not intentionally screw them up and i am sorry.

getting things done
another serving of half-assed efforts and unfinished projects coming right up.

telling you how i feel
so if i seem like an open book to you, you’re definitely reading me wrong.

having realistic expectations
“the higher the expectations, the greater the fall” explains my many bruises.

pretending to like what i am doing
call me socially awkward if you’d like, but if i appear uncomfortable/unnatural around you then it probably means that i don’t like being around you and suck at hiding it (or can’t be bothered to).

making people like me
not that it’s necessarily a bad thing all the time, but.

eating healthy
am aware that skinny = / = healthy, but if the effects of eating fast food don’t show on my body then i automatically assume there is no effect at all.

not kidding when i say i don’t remember your birthday — even if you’re my boyfriend.

staying awake during lessons
when i say PINCH MY INNER ARM please just pinch my inner arm else i will be nodding off in two minutes in front of the professor. (yes eunice this is directed at you)

keeping calm
cannot react well to stress, and i meet the panic-attack monster too often.

saving up
what good is money if you can’t spend it, eh?


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