Putting things into perspective

Honestly super stoked about Laneway 2013 on 26 Jan. :)

Other gigs in 2013 I would like to attend include:
Swedish House Mafia’s farewell tour on 17 Jan.
Vampire Weekend + Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Big Night Out on 30 Jan.
Ellie Goulding on 26 Feb.

I’ve just managed to save up a substantial amount of money though, not sure if I should splash it all out on these concerts at one go, omg. Advice please??! Who else is a cool cat and will be attending any of them?


Finally caught up with LC today, and he pointed out to me that life has been pretty smooth-sailing for me so far. Eh, true. And for that I’m grateful. :) No crazy drama or anything to really bring my spirits down — so far I’ve been meeting my expectations academics-wise; I’ve made some good friends in NTU; I’ve received a really substantial bursary so that reduces much of money woes; I’ve been making good progress (taking baby steps, really) in building up my ‘portfolio’ and taking up some commitments I really enjoy; I’ve been having a much better relationship with my dad recently too!

It’s probably my experience dance-wise that’s more of a buzz-kill because I can’t seem to get myself to like locking (dance style) — I truly don’t find it enjoyable and feel unnatural dancing it. On the other hand, I am very interested in popping (dance style) yet can’t get myself to master it, ugh. So frustrating! As for waacking (dance style), that’s in kind of a standstill now because I’ve put any classes on hold so I don’t exactly know how things will turn out.

Nevertheless, in the grand scheme of things, my dancing woes seem little more than a hiccup so it doesn’t faze me very much. :) So.. I would say that life’s good right now (despite the looming finals hahaha).

On a related note, and I’ve said this before, I miss playing/making music a lot! I guess with the way things currently are it’s quite impossible for me to re-enter the realm of music-making, especially since I’ve been out of it for so long… But once in a while I think about the performances and practices I had in NY String Ensemble, I think about the times when I was begrudgingly practising for my piano exams, I think about the times spent in the Higher Music Programme class listening to Mr Lim teach or when I was using Sibelius on the Mac as a composition major. I remember feeling like I couldn’t wait to “escape” this world where I was surrounded by music day in, day out. And when I finally did, I was relieved. But now I’m not so sure I don’t want to revisit it, though dabbling with music again (after abandoning it for years) seems kinda willful and presumptuous. Idk, maybe taking my violin out of its dusty case and feeling it in my hands again will help me come to a decision better. Mmm ok this paragraph machiam like no point lidat so I shall end it here BYE.


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