I am typing this while smearing liberal amounts of chunky peanut butter (“Super Chunk”; “Extra crunchy”) onto slices of soft, white bread in front of my computer. Mmmm.

Upon knowing that I will be staying in hall for two weeks straight to prepare for my finals, my parents pretty much stockpiled food, food, and MOAR FOOOOD into my room so I guess I won’t be needing to leave my hall for 14 days. Bahahahaha.

A gratuitous list of all the food and drink items that are currently nestling in my room, ready to be eaten:

  1. One loaf of white bread
  2. One 426g tub of chunky peanut butter
  3. Three tea-bags and two instant coffee sachets
  4. Six packets of full cream milk
  5. One box of cereal
  6. Two bags of Cheezels
  7. Two bowls of instant noodles
  8. Four packets of Hello Panda
  9. Two large packets of 旺旺 rice crackers
  10. One packet of Tao Kae Noi seaweed
  11. One packet of broad beans
  12. One packet of peeled roasted chestnuts
  13. Seven 500ml bottled drinks e.g. Pink Dolphin, peach tea, green tea
  14. Two 1.5l bottles of water
  15. Nine bottles of chicken essence
  16. One bag of sour blackcurrant gummies

Am intending to eat the peanut butter straight from the tub once the bread runs out or once I sink into depression and resignation from not being able to finish my finals revision, whichever happens earlier.

Ok bye.


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