On sharing

I have two toothbrushes: one in my room in hall, and one at home. Since exams are over, I have been home for a grand total of two days — that means I have used my home-toothbrush several times since I have been back.

“Fiona,” my maid, Levi, holding my home-toothbrush in her hand, “You use this one is it?”

“Yeah. It’s mine. Why?”

“But Ah Ma [my grandmother with dementia] use this for past three days already.”

“Huh? No, no, Levi, that’s my toothbrush.”

“Mum ask me let Ah Ma use one. When you go to school [i.e. when I’m away at hall]. So you want to share toothbrush with Ah Ma? Use same one?”

“… … No. I’ll buy a new one.”


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