Holidays so far: Batam, perm, Chilli, shows, etc.


I no longer have a ready excuse for having no social life, seeing as school has ended for the year. Before the holidays, I was spending hours in front of the computer. Now that the holidays have started, I still am spending hours in front of the computer. Such is life. My boring, boring life.

Omg I’ve been listening to a lot of Kpop these days, aside from watching a TON of Big Bang videos which has intensified my love for GD, T.O.P, and Taeyang by a thousand times yupyupyup (I already loved BB a lot before this, jsyk!!!! My laptop wallpaper is T.O.P’s handsome face LOL). #nolifefiona

Anyway I finished Season 4 of Breaking Bad (awesome series) during finals period but was reluctant to start on the incomplete Season 5 (don’t like waiting for episodes to come out) so I started on a Korean series instead: Vampire Prosecutor~~!!! It’s so goood I lurve it; intense thriller drama that is funny at the same time. Plus the female lead isn’t the typical vulnerable little girl archetype in other sappy K dramas so that’s more reason to love the show. :) In fact I have finished the second season of Vampire Prosecutor LOLOLOL I have no life indeed.

K abrupt & gratuitous insertion of photos of my dog, Chilli:

DSC_0443 DSC_0444

DSC_0475 (480x600)

IMG_20121208_132430 (600x600)

Last weekend I made a one-day trip to Batam with my family — it’s rarely that my parents get the time to go overseas, even if it’s for a short visit, so I really cherished this Batam trip.

We initially wanted to travel free-and-easy since it’s just for one day and any navigation problems can probably be solved by cabbing around the small island, but the ferry company managed to psycho my parents into buying the package tour, ugh. I so loathe people who hard-sell despite multiple rejections. So anyway, we ended up following a small tour group of about 20 people and it cost us almost SGD70 per pax — tour bus, seafood lunch, and return ferry included. Without the tour (i.e. the return ferry ticket alone), we would have paid about SGD40 per pax so I guess it’s slightly cheaper to take the package.


On the ferry to Batam

The ferry journey was only an hour long but I slept through it despite the very noisy and strange family beside us. Also the aircon in the ferry was friggin’ freezing and the TV reception sucked (they were playing some cartoon from an Indonesian channel I think that’s why), but whatever hahaha.

The tour itinerary was predictably touristy but tolerable I guess… Visited the usual tourist spots in Batam: the Polo shop, a store selling local dried products like prawn crackers (very gooood), temples, a place selling handmade kueh lapis, and the 933 Golden Prawn Restaurant for our seafood lunch. Before leaving for Batam, I did some ‘research’ online on the 933 restaurant and found that almost all reviews on it said that the food quality was ~meh~ and not worth the price, and that the price isn’t even cheap by Batam’s standards in the first place because 933 is sooooo touristy. But ah well, the tour group was headed there so what to do~~~ The seafood lunch turned out so-so, not spectacular or super delicious but passable. At least we had a big spread and there were prawns and crab. ^_^


On the tour bus

Also we had a 10-min go-kart session as part of the tour while the parents/adults (hehe that means I’m still a kid hahahaha) left to view some mini versions of Indonesian villages? Not sure about what they did but the go-kart was FUN!!! Was a bit expensive though I think it’s about SGD15. We had to drive alongside some brazen children from our group which sucks because their driving sucks balls and they keep trying to drift wth lame right but yeah they made it more dangerous for the rest of us but that aside it was good fun. :)

At the end of the day, we did some shopping (at Batam City Square and Mega Mall) and had a full-body massage before we left for Singapore. I enjoyed the massage a lot because it was superrrr SHUANG and I even fell asleep 3 times because it was so relaxing HAHAHAHA. Only SGD20 for 1.5 hours of awesome massage! Damn cheap! Oh yeah and the shopping at City Square was a lot better than at Mega Mall. City Square had nice trendy clothes (about SGD10 to 15!!!) whereas boring Mega Mall only had a lot of shops for Islamic clothing, sporting goods, and also A LOT of fake branded goods and even illegal weapons like brass knuckles, swords, and ninja stars wtf (that you can’t even bring into Singapore, lame).


Smiley face on the ferry seats back to Singapore :)

We arrived in Singapore a little after 9pm and, guess what, the moment our ferry docked, there were fireworks!!! No idea what the fireworks were for or where they came from haha but it provided a good ending to our day trip to Batam! :) Oh yeah and they played a Korean movie called Sector 7 on board the ferry and the film was trashy and super bad but entertainingly so HAHAHA.

Ok that’s The End for our Batam trip! Moving on…

As most of you would know, I permed my hair recently! I used a Groupon for Style Lab at *scape, Orchard, and the perm turned out better than I expected (since it’s a cheap voucher)! My stylist was Jeremy and he’s awkwardly friendly hahaha but he has many piercings just like I do so yay. ^_^

I got a cut too (just layering my hair really), before the perm. Here are the photos:

DSC_0469 DSC_0473

My curls are messier, looser, and less ‘sticky’ or matted together now, partly because I have been drying my hair differently from how Jeremy did at the salon (which was the day I took the After photo). Another reason is of course that perms tend to loosen soon, and the curls will gradually disappear in a few months’ time!

Hehe but I’m loving my hair for now. It’s not as flat as before and it’s a refreshing change without having to chop off inches (which I was tempted to do…)! The bad thing is that I have to take a lot longer to take care of curly hair, what with all the conditioning and styling needed. The lazy girl in me is groaning sadly hahaha.

K next thing: I changed my nail colour again~ As usual~ Finally got rid of my chipped red nails from finals period. But it’s been a few days since I painted a new colour and now it’s pretty chipped already hahaha damn.

DSC_0478 (487x600)

Vamping it up for the holidays! :) Nail polish is from Rubi (as usual~). Ignore the uneven sides lol I was fidgeting and scratched the polish off zzzz.

As you can tell, my holidays so far haven’t been very eventful hahaha but it’s fine; I’m gonna get busy very soon with SF FOC and also with USP Taiwan trip comm stuff. Also I will be meeting up with more people in the coming weeks, and travelling to school to exercise with KW. Stuff like that. Maybe I’ll try to add in one or two clubbing nights this holidays too HMMMM we’ll see!

Ok bye gonna watch The Walking Dead (mid-season finale leh!!!!) hahahahhaa #nolifefiona byebye :)


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