I am typing this while smearing liberal amounts of chunky peanut butter (“Super Chunk”; “Extra crunchy”) onto slices of soft, white bread in front of my computer. Mmmm.

Upon knowing that I will be staying in hall for two weeks straight to prepare for my finals, my parents pretty much stockpiled food, food, and MOAR FOOOOD into my room so I guess I won’t be needing to leave my hall for 14 days. Bahahahaha.

A gratuitous list of all the food and drink items that are currently nestling in my room, ready to be eaten:

  1. One loaf of white bread
  2. One 426g tub of chunky peanut butter
  3. Three tea-bags and two instant coffee sachets
  4. Six packets of full cream milk
  5. One box of cereal
  6. Two bags of Cheezels
  7. Two bowls of instant noodles
  8. Four packets of Hello Panda
  9. Two large packets of 旺旺 rice crackers
  10. One packet of Tao Kae Noi seaweed
  11. One packet of broad beans
  12. One packet of peeled roasted chestnuts
  13. Seven 500ml bottled drinks e.g. Pink Dolphin, peach tea, green tea
  14. Two 1.5l bottles of water
  15. Nine bottles of chicken essence
  16. One bag of sour blackcurrant gummies

Am intending to eat the peanut butter straight from the tub once the bread runs out or once I sink into depression and resignation from not being able to finish my finals revision, whichever happens earlier.

Ok bye.


Week 8’s been a jolly good week!! for the following reasons:

  1. Done with Ethics essay!
  2. Done with Ethics quiz 3!
  3. Done with group video presentation!
  4. Got back French midterms results and I did well!
  5. Realised that I did well for Psych midterms after all!
  6. Had a verrryyy orgasmic grilled fish meal at Can 16!
  7. Had my favourite chicken chop from Can 2! (see pic)
  8. It’s the last week the squatter will be here!
  9. Signed up for SF camp main comm!
  10. Discovered the perfect study music playlist on Youtube!
  11. What2WearWednesdays: checkered theme! (see pic)
  12. Didn’t splurge on anything!
  13. Tumblr-ed a lot!
  14. Settled school and hostel fees!
  15. Bought Pringles from 7-11!
  16. New Psych lecturer is good!
  17. Zen!!!


#6: It’s damn good I swear arghhh the brown sauce is the bombdiggity and the chicken is sooo goooood like it’s slightly and deliciously charred gosh I am fantasizing about it now *_*

#11: W2WW — the previous theme was Floral and this Wed it was checks. :) I like having themed days because it forces me to wear something else other than a tired tshirt and shorts hahaha.

Well next week’s gonna be heck of a crazy week too so here’s hoping everything goes well!! I need to catch up with tutorials, complete another essay, present another speech, prepare for another quiz, and prepare for a dance event on Saturday (omg super nervous). As usual my skin is wreaking havoc but oh wellllll skin shall be of low priority for now hmmmm sucks but I can’t help it.

OH YEA I FINALLY HAVE INSTAGRAM PLEASE FOLLOW ME IF YOU HAVE IT TOO!!!! I’m @fivefatfleas as usual!!! Hahahaha I’m like an instagram loser because I have v few followers so far and I keep liking others’ photos and I don’t filter my photos much hehhehe ok but I promise to filter more and take more photos ok!!! FOLLOW ME!!!

Ok bye listen to this before you go:

I want to see Grimes live omgggggg watched so many of her live performances on Youtube and was imagining myself there wheeee good music + good food are enough to make me happy :D


mmm same mustard skirt but now with a plain black tank lol my hall wardrobe is limited for obvious reasons sigh

3 for $2 from Canteen B this pic is making me hungry at 2am

new nails argh THIS IS NOT THE ACTUAL COLOUR IRL! it’s not so orange-y i have no idea why it shows up like this on my phone cam. grrr. colour irl is much more pink and barbie-ish hahaha.

ok now for right hand. and yep thats my big bang poster at the back ehehehehehee look at the handsome T.O.P. *fangirl mode*

$2.80 supper aft dance yeahhhhhhh


tonight marks the start of the first weekend i am staying in hallstrangely it doesn’t feel very unnatural
feel like, i’ve gotten used to a kind of independency
or loneliness, some might call it
either way i don’t feel that homesick
so i can focus fully on studying for the shitload of tests and stuff
all of which are happening next week

Cat Power is helping me tide through this scary week
because there is simply too much
to do and too little

Not sure why I am here listening to dubstep while blogging and doing a pic-vomit when my To-Do list is fucking long and just crying out to be completed.

Ugh, work.

So much work.

Wore this on one of the rare days in NTU when I felt the inexplicable urge to dress up. Still, no makeup. Idek how people manage to put that stuff on their faces every day to school. Also the mess that you can catch a glimpse of behind me is not my mess but my roommates’. Ugh. Sloppy. Speaking of which, the roommate-squatter situation has yet to improve and my patience is running very thin. Whatever happened to, “I will be moving out very soon” back in Week 2? Dafuq missus, now coming to Week 6 already leh why are you still squatting here?! Please gtfo soon, else I’m going to the hall office after recess week. I AM NOT A PUSHOVER. Urghhhhhh.

Fish & Chips from Can B with cheese fries. Ate this alone at 3pm (yes after lunch) before class.

“Supper” at home last weekend. Mmmmmmmm. My nails were atrocious wtf. Have since removed this nail polish (and also the colour aft that).

Giraffe-Zebra hybrid on my shirt :3 Also, new skirt! Once again the sloppy pile of stuff behind me is not mine urgh. Feel so uncomfortable that I can’t TIDY ALL THAT SHIT UP. *shivers*

Domokun phone cover (?) I dug up from home to use for a while before I got a new screen protector for my darling phone lol.

Went from being sweaty and gross aft dance practice to donning nice and fresh clubbing attire with makeup in 20min yeah that’s a new personal record.

Zouk with the cubs.

Wasn’t a super amazing night but at least I had fun initially (until the high wore off haha). Most of the group didn’t drink much so I figure it had potential to be crazier lol plus the DJ kinda sucked. But it was an okay clubbing night so thankew apache people who responded to my invitation LOL


Yumz cheap caifan from Can 16. Clearly I will be visiting this canteen many more times in the future!

Weirdass cute owl lip balm (cherry-flavoured mmm) from Tenille hahaha thank you woman. Took this picture so that I (we) can keep track of how disfigured the owl will look after several more applications. -_-

Shoes to go with my formal dress for scholars award ceremony. I changed into flats when I arrived at the auditorium. Everyone was camwhoring and their parents came along and they all looked nice and took many many photos but honestly it didn’t feel like a big deal at all to me (re: “Vanilla is never good” post). Doesn’t seem like something that calls for a formal ceremony with VIPs and all. Idk.


I’m seriously craving pasar malam food (thanks to AMIRAH) and cheese fries and mcwings and popcorn chicken (thanks to JH and G) and ikan bilis (this is my own doing).

Also have been feeling super melancholic these days. Especially on days when I barely have much human interaction before and after classes. Fuckkkkk. Plus am probably skipping MAF tomorrow just so I can study. I feel sad — a real, deeper kind of sadness. But I can’t really figure out why. Something major is missing from my life and it feels like I used to have it and treasured it but now I’ve forgotten what it is so I can’t even begin to search for it. What is this fucking strangeness going on in my mind. *internal screams*



[Edit: Ok awkward insertion here but hayyyyy gaiiiiizz, I just added a new “Wishlist” page (points above) and it’s the page where I unabashedly ask for things I would like to have HAHA. At the moment it also serves as a reminder to myself that I need to read more fiction instead of non-fiction all the time. So yeah I really will love you if you get me one of those books — mainly because I’m too lazy/busy to search for them myself — and I might be updating the list occasionally with more stuff that catch my eye hehehe ok end of shamelessness bye]


Nothing much has been going on in hall. Mostly because I’ve been trying my best not to stay in my new room as much as possible due to my positively strange roomie and her oddball of a friend who is squatting in the room as well. Ughhh, I don’t know anyone who is more of a slob than these two. Dropped hair gathering in curly clumps, gigantic dust bunnies rolling around — could they be intending to keep these dust bunnies as pets lolwut — and a super messy wardrobe are just a few traits that make my hair stand (here I am talking about hair ON MY BODY, NOT ALL OVER ON THE FLOOR because guess what, NOT CLEANING UP IS GROSS)

Apart from the apparent sloppiness they both share, my roomie and her friend like to change in the room (not that I’m very against this but they didn’t even ask if I’m all right with it) and proceed to hold their very own fashion shows (think diva-like strutting around in the tiny space between the beds) while I am still in the room so that they can figure out which outfits to wear the next day.

There are various other sides to them that I’d much rather not see, and I’d spare you guys even more cringeworthy moments by having to read about them. In short: I have pretty weird roomies right now and I can only cross my fingers and hope with all my heart that things get better (e.g. the squatter friend moves out ASAP so the room is less crammed; or I get a totally new roomie; or I… somehow get used to this oddity).

… Ok. I really miss my previous roomie in Hall 9.

On a much less disgusting and hairy note, the rest of the week had been pretty ~normal~, unless you count visiting all the booths at the CCA Fair multiple times to the point of weird and loser-ish something noteworthy. Hahaha. But I did sign up for quite a few CCAs. Auditions for them are this coming week! Hope I get in!! Will update again on the exact CCAs I’m joining after the results are out. :)

In the meantime, take a look at this pretty and yummy thing I had for breakfast this morning:

It’s a superrr fluffy Hokkaido Cake with strawberry filling! ^_^ Those who know me well will know that I don’t fancy sweet stuff much, but the strawberry cream here wasn’t too sweet at all and I LURRRVVV ITTTT~ ~ *Does a little dance*

Yum yum.

Photo by Eunice

Week 2 of school passed by relatively quietly because of the greatly reduced number of through-the-night suppers / HTHTs, but I still managed to meet up with Boogaloo people quite a fair bit. The group photo above was taken at Qiuyan’s surprise (belated) birthday dinner at Pitchstop— the deception at the start was so damn well-executed by Eunice and I man. Hahahaha!

But yep it was a good dinner. Good ambience, good food, good company. Could have had good music too if the place wasn’t having a private event that night, I think!

Pizza 1

One of the 3 big 12″ pizzas we ordered for all of us big eaters (hahajk, just me and the guys) during the birthday dinner. Pitchstop‘s pizzas are pretty awesome (and affordable!!!), with many seniors recommending them to me before I visited the place. :)

Pizza 2



Didn’t get to try the potato wedges (who finished them?!?! :( :( ) but they seemed to be ~not bad~, considering how quickly they were gone. Oh well…

Fried chicken wings

The wings were also pretty bangin’ hehe I had 4 or so.

Thumbs up! NTU freshies, if any of you are reading this, remember to drop by the cafe soon if you want reasonably priced good food. It’s located at Innovation Centre! (This feels like an advertorial hahaha) They serve cake and beer and pastas too. :)

Moving on:

Spent the Monday holiday catching up with 09S69 classmates and, whoa, the turnout was the best I’ve seen in all our class gatherings!!

Photo by Sheila

Tea/dinner at Saizeriya which sells super affordable Italian fare which was honestly pretty decent. Will be checking out their other branches next time. :)


Anyway, 3 weeks ago, I had a good catch-up session with Amirah and Isadora (^^~~Apache~~) at the Handburger in 313@Somerset but forgot to post these photos up so here you go:

Handburger dinner

I wouldn’t say their food is amazing or totally worth the slightly higher price, but the items are still pretty good and the portions are filling! Plus service was good (although there was one overzealous waiter whom I assume to be new… his enthusiasm was very amusing lol).


This burger is named “The Works” and is our go-to order at the Handburger: Grilled beef, onion rings, crispy bacon strips, egg sunny side up, sauteed basil pesto mushroom, sweet onion jam, cheddar cheese, BBQ and aioli sauce, lettuce and tomato, on a toasted caramelised onion bun.

Max yummy man! :D Sinful indulgence whoooo *smacks lips*

Ok abrupt end byebye gotta study

School is officially starting in a little over a week’s time, but I’m still absolutely clueless about important stuff like bidding (or rather add/drop or something… right?), electives, minors, USP courses (apparently there is some kink in their fledging system that doesn’t acknowledge me as a USP student during course registration. lolwut. fml.), hall life, and how to get around in the enormous NTU campus. Lulz. Yep, still ~floating around~ without the slightest idea how everything is going to work, in spite of the countless documents and guides that the seniors have uploaded for the benefit of us freshies. Hmmmmm.

Anyway, I finally checked into my hall on Wed — which is a miracle in itself because once again I had zero clue about what was going on and what I had to do wrt hall since nobody gave me instructions / reminders wtf — and yay, my room looks pretty good!

I’m in Hall 9, Blk 47, Level 3! So people JIO ME FOR SUPPER + FOR GOING TO LESSONS PLEASE!! ^_^ This is an earnest plead lol especially for the travelling to classes part because I will surely get extremely lost if I’m alone. :( Please please please. Hahaha.

The state of my room was quite nice when I entered haha and I suspect it’s because my roomie (a stranger who checked in before I did) cleaned it already! But I cleaned everything once, just in case. My roomie seems friendly enough — I bumped into her when I was just leaving — so I hope we have a pleasant time staying together for several months haha.

Anyway, my room faces the forest both ways!! >:/ Time to feed the mozzies lol nyarghh. But at least it will be quieter and more peaceful? I hope? Haha.

After cleaning my room, C and I went to his hall for him to check-in + clean up, and OMG his room was disgusting!!! The mattress had bedbugs and there were too many dust bunnies to count. :( But his hall was so much more friendly lol he even got a goodie bag leh, wai i dun haf. :( Ok anyway cleaning his room was a rigorous workout punctuated with frequent “Eww”s and “Wtf is this?!”s… Ugh. It’s spic and span now though, so yippeeeee~ ~ :)

Mmm. Yes. Moving on:

Met up with the Cerro people for dinner at 15 Minutes and then drinks at Timbre.

(Photo by Sean)

One of our two tables.

I must say that the duck pizza at 15 Minutes is SERIOUSLY GOOD STUFF. Damn yummy, I kid you not!! And this is saying a lot since I usually don’t like eating duck!!

Ok so our table had the duck pizza to share, but my main course was actually the prawn pizza with wasabi mayo and it was really very good too:

Yum yum yumz. Had this all to myself hehehe blissful max! The wasabi mayo didn’t have enough kick though, it was spicy enough and didn’t have much of a wasabi taste. But overall still damn nice la especially since the prawns were so succulent!

Afterwards at Timbre, the band that was playing was a little too rock-ish for my liking but GOSH THE (BACKUP?) SINGER WAS SUPER HOT! No idea what the band’s name was, but they play on Thursday nights at the Substation branch — does anyone know who they are? If you do please let me know. :) Wah his poise + charm + deeeep voice + damn good singing + rapping + style + hair = totally max out the sexy-o-meter already. Hahahahaha. Ok *fangirling ends here*

K abrupt topic change:

Finally painted my nails again, after they were naked for 3 weeks because of my orientation camps. :) Didn’t have much inspiration on any designs to do so just decided to go with a simple pastel / candy-coloured manicure. Hehe. My nails look so cute now I can’t stop staring at them. :3

Also, I finally got the time to paint over my poor toenails haha my left big toe has a very scary and gross bruise underneath the nail so I had to cover it up. :S

Wah the weeks ahead look to be hectic and packed as hell. :/ Gotta leave some time to figure the shit out of the curriculum and USP courses, as well as move all my junk into my hall soon! Not to mention all the meet-ups I want to do to catch up with old friends. Plus various OG/class gatherings, orientation briefings, and tuition! Ahhh. Busy and fast-paced but in a good way I guess. :) Here’s to fresh starts and new beginnings. :) The excitement (with just a tinge of apprehension) is creeping up as I’m typing this, hehe.

Will blog again soon. Ciao~

It’s hard to bang out a proper entry after a somewhat long period of inactivity on the blogosphere. I’ve been busy and fatigued, and many things/happenings in the past few weeks have seemingly passed me by, very much like fleeting and unimportant moments, even if they might have been significant in actuality. I’m thinking, it’s the clockwork motions of office life — being rudely shoved into a crammed train car is quickly forgotten as I drift off into almost-sleep with my earphones blasting the heavy beats of clubbing music; finishing an assignment while trying not to let my head loll too much when I doze off has become a habit that is rapidly forgotten once I exit the office; and trodding on the same ol’ familiar path past the colourful shophouses, waiting at the crowded traffic lights, shunning the frustrated Caucasian tourists… everything I have been doing has become close to robotic.

So the only way to come up with an ‘update’ on this blog is probably through grainy photographs taken with my handy phone camera. Events and feelings and comments without photographic record have been left out in this post (and most likely fallen through that tricky hole in my mind, into the abyss of Forever Forgotten).

Say hello to another chaotic post groggily and sleepily typed out:

work lunch #1: ikan bilis fried rice from Maxwell

work lunch #2: prawn mee with good chilli, from Maxwell

typical snack: fried ikan bilis to accompany TV series The Mentalist

my dog, chilli #1: deep asleep and looking kawaii

my dog, chilli #2: close-up on the funny sleepyhead

my dog, chilli #3: spots the door gap and tries to squeeze herself through

my dog, chilli #4: fails to squeeze through the gap

my dog, chilli #5: still no success getting into our room

my dog, chilli #6: the look of resignation

what I wore #1: light wash denim jeans + animal prints tank + wristband from vietnam

what I wore #2: ombre sweater/top + plain black pleated skirt

gift: mini bust of wolfgang amadeus mozart from J‘s Europe trip

nails #1: ladybugs (so messy but I tried my best since I didn’t have any nailart tools)

nails #2: stripes (also messy but quite decent for my first time I feel)

nails #3: so this is what my nails currently look like


That’s about it. Sorry for the skimpy update. This is more of for my own records, yknow, just in case I get dementia in the future and need to re-read what my youth was like. More meaty posts in the future — especially about the NTU orientation camps, so watch this space! I will be going to 2 (or 3) camps and I’ll definitely write at least a little about each of them. It’ll probably be a better read than this slimy excuse of a blog post, heh.