ON 14 DECEMBER 2012.


I have two toothbrushes: one in my room in hall, and one at home. Since exams are over, I have been home for a grand total of two days — that means I have used my home-toothbrush several times since I have been back.

“Fiona,” my maid, Levi, holding my home-toothbrush in her hand, “You use this one is it?”

“Yeah. It’s mine. Why?”

“But Ah Ma [my grandmother with dementia] use this for past three days already.”

“Huh? No, no, Levi, that’s my toothbrush.”

“Mum ask me let Ah Ma use one. When you go to school [i.e. when I’m away at hall].┬áSo you want to share toothbrush with Ah Ma? Use same one?”

“… … No. I’ll buy a new one.”

A moment of silence, please, to mourn the accidental closing of a piercing on my left ear lobe.

Also I am up at 6am watching Ted online and eating chicken-flavoured instant noodles while my dog snoozes peacefully on my lap because I can’t friggin’ drift off to sleep despite the cosy rainy weather.

Sunday night’s gonna be a sleepless night.
Basically wasted a precious Saturday on worthless pursuits.
Have got a 7-page essay to rewrite but haven’t done shit about it.
Have got a speech to write but haven’t done shit about it.
Have got several tutorials to complete but haven’t done shit about them.

Spent the bulk of the day mulling over things.
Yep. Today was one of those bullshit introspective days.
Could be because of the new music. Could be because of all those personality analysis thingums. I don’t know. All I know is, there has been far too much thinking going on and it needs to stop.

I thought about you; I thought about you a lot today.
It’s been a month yet I’m still wondering if I did the right thing.
Ambivalence, is what some might call this feeling.

I also spent a lot of time thinking about what it is that I really want. What it is that I am really looking for. In life, in love. Whatever.
Didn’t manage to get any answer.

Wasted Saturday.

(This was taken before cleaning up my polish mistakes hehe. Also the colours aren’t very obvious/bright in this picture :/ it’s more colourful irl!)

WKWSCI camp is happening tomorrow, and since I had some extra time after packing my camp bag (very efficiently, if I may add) I decided to try out some new nail art! The camp is tribal-themed – its name is “The Last Totem” – so I thought tribal nails would be pretty fitting. :) Painting this set really made me realise that my left hand is retarded, lol. Had such a hard time doing the designs on my right hand!!

I’ve got a feeling they will be ruined during the camp though. Haha. Shit.

Excuse the lack of updates, btw, and sorry if this is such a random and short post. Will def be “back” on the blogosphere after all my camps. :3 See ya!!!!!

Real quick one:

1. No, you’re not at the wrong blog; I switched the layout because, basically, I’m crazy fickle.

2. I will be putting up a ‘SELLING’ page soon to sell items (clothes & shoes mostly) that I’ve never/rarely worn because I am in DESPERATE NEED OF MONEH and I say this in all honesty because lately I’ve encountered unscrupulous individuals who decided that there is nothing wrong at all with stealing large amounts of money from someone (me, in this case) who trusted them. Screw you, thieves!!! But anyway, please support my selling post if possible! Please please please. I will be eternally grateful. *sobz*

That is all.